Whether you are a first time buyer who needs the learn the ins and outs of a real estate transaction or if you are a seasoned  home buyer who is looking to purchase your next home, Michael Kaplan will walk you through the process of home ownership.  Michael’s works hard to find properties that meet all of your parameters, ensuring that you will find a dream house you can afford.

Through the home searching process, Michael will customize searches and email you listings as soon as property media is available – your time is precious and there is no point in receiving listing information on properties that you cannot see!

Once you find a property that you are pre-qualified to purchase, you can feel confident that Michael will help you to make an educated offer.  Many buyers have purchased their dream homes as a result of Michael’s efforts and negotiating skills, combined with an arsenal of information that he provides unresponsive sellers and their agents.

Once your offer is accepted, Michael will provide you with timely resources, ensuring that every aspect of your transaction is covered, as well as preemptively answer  every foreseeable question.

While preparing for closing, Michael will provide you with the questions that will help you to choose the best attorney and mortgage lender for your needs. Lastly, as you prepare for the big move, Michael will defuse any anxieties that you may be experiencing.

Michael Kaplan’s ability to educate and his sincere gratitude to his clients are but a few of the reasons why you should consider using his services!