Whether you are a landlord who is looking to find the perfect tenant, or perhaps you are a renter who is looking to find you next home, Michael Kaplan’s expertise will serve you well!

For Landlords:

At no expense to you, Michael Kaplan will provide you with comparable data to set an appropriate rental price, list you property, market it in a variety of ways, and screen prospective tenants for employment history, credit rating, and for past rental history.   In addition, Michael will help you to gain a Certificate of Occupancy, so that your property may be rented.

For Renters:

Need a new pad quickly? Michael Kaplan will find you the perfect location. After helping you prepare the necessary documentations that are required for leasing a property, Michael will conduct a vast search to find your next home.  Once identified, Michael will walk you through the rental process, educating you about leases, terms, and responsibilities.  In addition, Michael will provide you with resources that will help you to understand renter’s rights.

Before you can begin your rental process, Michael Kaplan requests that you demonstrate your credit worthiness by completing a rental screening.  Once your results are sent to Michael directly,  you can begin finding your next home!